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'Silent Running', plus Bonus E.P. DUST008

65daysofstatic's brand new soundtrack to Douglas Trumbull's 1972 sci-fi classic 'Silent Running. A whole record of brand new 65 material.

Originally commissioned by Glasgow Film Festival at the beginning of 2011 as a live re-score performed by the band, this project grew into something much bigger than anybody had ever anticipated.


1. Overture
2. Space Theme
3. The Announcement
4. Safe Distancing
5. The Scattered Disk
6. Burial Scene
7. Broken Ship Ruse
8. Surgery
9. Space Montage
10. Rantaloupe
11. Finale

Bonus E.P.

1. Save the Forest
2. Cosmic Wind
3. Valley Forge Theme
4. Shovel Fight

Available as FLAC or 192kbps mp3.